This API documentation is for a set of services for creating 3D virtual avatars from a single photo.

What is this?

Key features:

  1. Only one photo with unobstructed view of face and hair is required as input.

  2. Output of the services is a 3D model in GLB format containing stylized face and hair.

  3. Resulting model supports facial animation in FACS format. We recommend using our Lipsync service (currently available as a plug-in for Unreal Engine).

  4. You can also add any additional body parts to the model, as well as customise the hair style.

At the moment we only provide cartoon stylized avatars.

Check out the way our services work at https://metahumansdk.io/ (section WEBGL 3D AVATARS).

Who is this for?

Currently, more and more activities are being transferred to a virtual environment.

Instead of live consultants, we are greeted by operators in online stores. Work and study is now possible via video-calls. Even festivals and concerts are now achievable in the virtual universe.

However, a person cannot be physically present in these virtual events. And it is difficult to maintain attention without visual support, so the quality of communication deteriorates.

Therefore, virtual avatars can help us become a reflection of a person on the other side of the screen.

Who are the potential clients for these services?

  1. Anyone designing a metaverse.

  2. Anyone wanting to transfer their employees from a simple video call to the virtual world.

  3. Anyone wanting to visualize their audio-consultants on the site.

  4. Anyone who is curious to see themselves as a cartoon character.

If any of these apply to you, then you should try our service.

Why our services ?

At the moment, this is the first and only service for creating 3D cartoon avatars with adaptive face reconstruction.

When comparing us to our competitors, the difference is that we do not have a finite number of options for face shapes, eyes, noses, etc. An individual form is selected for each person.

We also plan to add more styles of models.

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