We provide 3 services:

1. 3D Face Reconstruction Service

From a photo of a face, service predicts facial shape blendshapes, UV face texture, hair color, skin color, gender, and the presence of glasses.

It returns all parameters as JSON.

2. 3D Hair Reconstruction Service

Reconstructs 3D shape of a person's hair from a photo in two different modes: 'card' or 'volume'. In the 'card' mode, the hair is reconstructed as planes assembled into ribbons with a uv texture. In the 'volume' mode, the hair is reconstructed in voluminous strands with a solid color.

It returns a GLB file with hair model.

3. GLB Constructor Service

According to the parameters from the 3D Face Reconstruction Service, GLB Constructor create a GLB file with head model.

Head model has ARKit blendshapes and can be animated.

You can also add hair from the 3D Hair Reconstruction Service and/or your own models in GLB format to the request.

The final file will contain all of the above models.

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