Bad Case Examples

1. Multiple faces in the photo

If there are several people in the photo, the service will choose a random face.

Even if the face is blurry or if there flashes appear somewhere in the background, it can be selected.

Note: Please send a photo of one person.

2. Extreme emotions

Strong emotions that distort the face can affect the quality of the reconstruction.

Note: The best result will be with a neutral facial emotion.

3. Strong head angle

If the face is not fully visible, artifacts may appear on the texture.

Note: The face should not be a full face and not covered by foreign objects.

4. Hard shadows on the face

Complex lighting with hard shadows spoils the texture.

Note: Lighting should not have hard drops and shadows.

5. Colored lighting

Colored lighting will repaint the skin color.

Note: The photo should have neutral lighting. Otherwise the skin color will be unrealistic.

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